Tuesday, October 28, 2008

William F. Buckley: Let's All Join Hands and Insult The Living

William F. Buckley, the apologist for the terror that was, enjoys the good life.


Script titbit:
Those of you that see conservatism as vile, may I raise a small voice of protest? It's not that we don't have an ideology, we do, the sole purpose of our Ideology is to satisfy those of our constituents that don't have the requisite analytical powers to understand that which doesn't exist. The world has elements in it that are so complex that the exercise of trying to change it for an undemonstrated credo appears to me to be impertinent! There has to be an authority even if they're judged to be wrong... Because the alternative to that is reason and that simply won't do you know, our praetorian duty will always be to keep Pandora's box firmly closed.


Noam Chomsky on William F. Buckley's "The Firing Line" in 1969

Noam Chomsky's Obituary on the Big think

William Buckley and Gore Vidal: 1968 Democratic Convention Chicago


Charlie Parker: Old Folks

Romones and Lemmy: R.O.M.O.N.E.S

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reckless Negligence Destroys Grade One Listed Building

The blaze at Garrick Villa is an example of managing agents recommending contractors that don't know what they're doing.

The fire was caused by a "handyman" who was using burning-off equipment on the grade one listed building, the area in which he was working was a feature that David Garrick employed the furniture designer Robert Adam to build around 1754 using theatrical set design methods to construct a timber canopy that was floated on top of timber columns and held in place using a system of steel ropes and pulleys.

The paint system inevitably contained lead which needed testing before removal, this being the case, anyone that was supposed to be working on the structure should have been competent enough to know that burning off paint on or near a roof is extremely dangerous as highly inflammable material builds up in the roof area, all it took was a spark to set it all ablaze.

The managing agents Churcod & Co have surveyors and architects that should be well aware of the required methods for working on this building as they have been responsible for its upkeep for many years.

Monday, October 13, 2008

cheeseheadcoleman Sings one Song to The Tune of Another

A famous Chelsea fan leaving early, the callous chants of away fans don't help.


cheeseheadcoleman recites Attila The Stockbroker's spiteful didactic verse to a reggae classic in keeping with this blog's parasitic habit of passing off other people's material...

Attila The Stockbroker

BBC World News Head of Programmes, Paul Gibbs, says: "If
Max (Keiser) had been on our screens a year ago we wouldn't be in this shit."


Will Hutton: "For 30 years, greedy, callow, ignorant financiers, supported by no less callow politicians from all the political parties, have proclaimed the wonders of financial innovation and how proud we all should be of the City of London. The price tag for their behaviour is an economic calamity. We should never have bought such snake oil. The consolation in these dark times is that we never will again."

Noam Chomsky: Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soka Gakkai: Operation Damage limitation

Daisaku Ikeda Pictured with General Noriega

Daisaku Ikeda, president of Soka Gakkai International (SGI),  has 555 honorary citizenships and holds the most honorary doctorates awarded to a single individual!


Yoshihiro Tsurumi: "The Bush administration,regards democracy
in Japan as no different from that of Russia. Both are viewed as
'kleptocracies.' On the surface, the political leaders are elected; but
the truth is that they constitute a country completely dominated by the
ruling party, which is in cahoots with the bureaucrats. Through the
distortions generated by their years of holding onto control and the
election system, they work with pressure groups that support them for
their own benefits. It is as if the citizens were under domination of a
gang of robbers."

Takayoshi Kitagawa: "While I wouldn't say that Soka Gakkai is seen as a cult, they
are a very structured, organized, militarist group that wields
immense political power."

Takashi Shokei: Ikeda is "[a] power-hungry
individual who intends to take control of the government and make
Soka Gakkai the national religion."

Notice Board:

Rick Ross: Archive for Soka Gakkai

Rick Ross (consultant)

Daisaku Ikeda's Wikipedia

Michiyo Nakamoto: Japan's LDP puts faith in religious partner

Rie Tsumura: Rape claims are unacceptable

Republic of Palau Honors Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda

Choice cuts: Ikeda's Problematic Speech

Japan Today: Outspoken professor vents fury over Asahi Shimbun story spike

Soka Gakkai’s Cocaine Business

Polly Toynbee: The Value of a Grandfather Figure

Monday, September 08, 2008

Griff Jenkins: 愚か者

私はレポーターのGriff Jenkinsは愚か者だと思います。


Evidence, if any were needed, that Griff Jenkins of Fox news is a media whore!

Shareef Aleem was interviewed by the little grifter but Fox chose edit the conversation in preference to sensationalism, nice...

KGNU Independent Community Radio Afternoon Sound Alternative
4 September 2008
Rush Transcript

Shareef Aleem: "...Fox news man, this is a trip man, when they had the protest rally on the 24th of August in front of the state capital I was out there doing my media work, of course, and I was interviewing Ward Churchill and this Fox News reporter, really irritating bastard by the name of Griff Jenkins, you know, pushed his way though everybody pushed me to get to Ward Churchill to ask him a question, so, we lit Fox News up and if you want to check it out man go to YouTube and type in Fox Attacked the back story part 1 and you can see your boy Shariff Aleem doing it mean like a gangster lean beating the hell out of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Carl Rove and the rest of the Republican devils that's in office, heh-heh, no doubt, in honour of that man I'm going to play this cut that Naz did called Sly Fox this is off of his new CD.
... Fox News, I don't know if you've been following this Republican National convention man, but they're just cheer-leading and everything McCain and Palin does is right and they can do no wrong, and ain't that a trip? The Republicans are the first people to be telling Black folks get over it, your into your victimization, quit being a victim and when the White girl get up there; oh they're beating up on her because she's a woman and Barak Obama is so sexist!
GIVE ME A BREAK. O.K!? Fox News is the main one doing this cheer-leading... Joseph Goebbels will be smiling in his grave to know such a station exist."

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trash Audio: Vanessa Feltz

What price is free speech in the UK when a concerned individual can castigate anyone on radio talk shows except when accusations are made against global corporations.


The following podcast will argue that the public should be prevented from asking impertinent questions, that are no business of theirs and it would be better for all if we put or faith in self-regulated corporate responsibility.

Vanessa Feltz of BBC radio London has a popular radio show where she sifts through articles in the gutter press, administers pastoral care and invites her adoring listeners to contribute by phoning in, reactionary, morally indignant callers are most welcome.

Ann Diamond was sitting in for Vanessa Feltz while she was away, what a pity Vanessa didn't stay away, I say ditch the bitch.

Norman Long: We Can't Let You Broadcast That
Gregory Isaacs: I'll Be On MY Way

What the lily-livered liberals say:

Grauniad: British libel laws violate human rights, says UN

Killer Coke

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Supsa part 2

Baku-Supsa and the Baku-Batumi pipelines:

From what I understand Supsa is not a port but has a sub-standard oil storage depot near by [Link Bankwatch] , the oil at the Supsa terminal is sent to two ports: Poti, to the north which in the state of Georgia, presumably getting its oil by pipeline, and, Batumi to the south in semi-autonomous state of Ajaria by train.

Leaving aside the political aspects of the B-T-C pipeline, what benefits could be argued of using the B-T-C pipeline over these two pipelines that go to the black sea and what’s the future of the Baku-Batumi pipeline?

Batumi gets more oil from Supsa than Poti yet transit by train is surely inefficient, so, why does the oil from Supsa to Batumi get sent by train?

The bombing of Poti by Russia has meant no oil has been handled by either port, yet, Batumi appears to be fully functional will they be handling the oil that was destined to Poti and Ceyhan which was damaged by the PPK in Turkey?

Email from Isabel Gorst Financial Times:

“Oil delivered to Supsa by pipeline is exported from a loading facility located 2km offshore. It is not necessary to take it from there to Poti or Batumi.
There is no pipeline to Batumi, only a railway line
BTC is better than Baku Supsa because it is bigger and delivers oil to a deep water Mediterranean port freeing shippers from the inconvenience of navigating the crowded Bosphorus.”

Pictures of Poti and Supsa taken in 1999

Georgia Hopes for Boost from Caspian Pipeline

Hot News Turkey: Georgian oil ports Batumi Supsa operate party

BBC Robin Lustig on Georgia and Polish public opinion


The Georgian economy minister, Eka Sharashidze said that the Buku-Supsa was hit with two Russian missiles South East of Tbilisi which Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the deputy head of Russia's General Staff, has denied doing.