Sunday, February 05, 2006

Party Games with Ali Bongo


Ali Bongo: “David Keogh can you start; pass the parcel to Leo O’Connor who passes it on to Tony Clarke who shares it with Peter Kilfoyle. Okaaay”

(There is pause for dead air)

Ali Bongo: “Are you following me so far”

All: “ Yes”

Ali Bongo: “I can’t hear you!”

All: “ Yes!”

Ali Bongo: “You’re loosing me, a little louder”

All: “YES!!!”

Pete Kifoyle: “I've seen a the transcript/whatever of what’s inside and I’m telling.”

Colin Powel: “I not telling anybody and I was there.”

All: “Where!”

Colin Powel: “There on the stair!”

Amy Goodman: “Wait one sec. weren’t you Secretary of State at the

Colin Powell: “ er yes…I can’t remember... What was it I said that's in the memo I read?”

Leo O'Connor: “It’s mine!”

Peter Kilfoyle: “That’s funny I passed it to John Latham.”

John Latham: “I seen it but I’m not telling.”

Peter Kilfoyle:” Ooops! I’ve passed it to people in the United States. Does that mean I’m out?”

Katherine Gunn: "I don’t know? what I’m doing in here?"

Lord Goldsmith: “ This game’s getting silly, stop it now or I’ll do some you won’t like. Keogh and O’Connor see me in my office.”

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The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

I will preempt those who don’t understand irony by explaining that Ali Bongo is a genuine entertainer in the UK who advertises regularly on The Stage, and, is available for private functions.
The writer of this article in atheist, but, wishes people to look at the photograph as being
self-deprecating and that the name has no reference to any religions.