Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coke Fiend: Danny Baker

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Hecho exposes Danny Baker of BBC London Radio and his eagerness to give free advertising to Coca-Colonialists. Nice!

The Case Against Coke


The Arundhati Roy interview on Democracy Now

Karmabanque: Coca-Cola in Uzbekistan

Coka-Cola in Uzbekistan

BBC Link

…and the hits keep coming!

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme on Coke
Broadcast on Friday 8:20am just in time to catch the kids stepping out of their mummy’s 4x4 so they tell all their friends at school what they can do this weekend. Slick

Lord Reith must be spinning in his grave. Wiki: The BBC Charter

I hate to be a bore but they’re at it again!
BBC Today 17 June

À la recherche du Coca-Cola perdu


Davy said...

Coke and coffee is wrong...

The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

Is that you Dave?

Steve N Allen said...

Good stuff. Danny is 'the dude'.

Bicycle Made For One said...

I am aware of Coca Cola's crimes with regard to water and other issues, in India and beyond.

But Danny Baker is not promoting Coke as a drink, but is commenting (for comedic effect) on a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

He does this about all sorts of products and, I admit, he doesn't spend time every day pointing out the impact of each one.

Many of us are aware of the context and implications of our commercial choices.

The effect of this podcast will not be to change the minds of any Danny Baker fans, but it might give him more fans; people who are aware of the issues involved, but who are too po-faced to laugh at things now and again.

The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

Dear Bicycle made for one,
Danny is welcome to any audience that I might bring his way.
Please check out Karmabanque.