Saturday, December 30, 2006

Biffin-Bridge Advertiser: Christmas TV

There is no God, Jesus was human, 2,000 years of murder and lies, long live the inquisition!

Robert Beckford’s programmes are fascinating, they give excellent material for those of us who want a new kind of religion.

rogueclassicism gives views and links about Robert Beckford’s Channel 4 programme “The Secret Family of Jesus”

The Daily Hate Mail’s review on “The Secret family of Jesus” (don’t waste your time posting comments about Jesus’ teachings on greed and injustice or the superior rights of global corporations as comments are monitored).

Robert Beckford’s wiki entry.

download locations: seeding for Jesus.

Flog a dead blog:
memorylanemick: In Defence of Faiths


JohnnyT. said...

All the plasterers I know in America are true conservatives, not shmeg smuggling pinkoes. I stumbled onto your site and I am not sure where you stand. You say you are a plasterer, and I am not sure what you guys are like over there. But are disagreements hate speech? I had a totally different impression of that posters blog, maybe I am wrong.

The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

Wait one sec are you talking about this blog post?, The Zionist Fascist Nut wrote on Wednesday 17 january: Quote [sic] “Dont worry, the IDF killed one today! Aint that great! One more shahid! After all if you let your 10 yr old (in this case a girl called Abir Aramin was murdered outside her school in the occupied West Bank) throw rocks at armed solders you deserve to lose your child...what morons..”

I think that’s hate speech.

JohnnyT. said...

Hey, I am sorry for being intolerant of you on your website. I was reading that guys post on the Palestinian situation and personally, I am on his side, as to the occupation and who really belongs there. However, I am a Christian and He and I probably might not agree on a whole lot else. Then I saw your deal denying God and maybe I had a bad Mud Day but I fired off indicriminately, and for that I apologize. Many leftists here in America will side with the Palestinians as a default position, in their blame America first mentality. Most guys in our line of work are more "grounded". Sorry for coming off as rude. I would rather tell you about Jesus Christ and how He died for all sinners, even those who do not believe in Him yet.
May God Bless You.