Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reckless Negligence Destroys Grade One Listed Building

The blaze at Garrick Villa is an example of managing agents recommending contractors that don't know what they're doing.

The fire was caused by a "handyman" who was using burning-off equipment on the grade one listed building, the area in which he was working was a feature that David Garrick employed the furniture designer Robert Adam to build around 1754 using theatrical set design methods to construct a timber canopy that was floated on top of timber columns and held in place using a system of steel ropes and pulleys.

The paint system inevitably contained lead which needed testing before removal, this being the case, anyone that was supposed to be working on the structure should have been competent enough to know that burning off paint on or near a roof is extremely dangerous as highly inflammable material builds up in the roof area, all it took was a spark to set it all ablaze.

The managing agents Churcod & Co have surveyors and architects that should be well aware of the required methods for working on this building as they have been responsible for its upkeep for many years.

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