Monday, January 29, 2007

High Society: Begum Nawazish Ali and his Violence Against Women


Edited transcript:
There’s a syndicated article that’s been doing the rounds recently by Salman Masood about a phenomenon that promises to be a global sensation!
The article is about a bisexual TV TV star that is world famous in Pakistan called Ali Saleem who, as a drag queen, has developed a character called Begum Nawazish Ali.

In some parts of the Muslim world gay men, mukhannathun, are generally accepted, because god created them, so, they have no blame or shame, unless they perform what is termed “illicit acts”.

Ali Saleem alias Begum Nawazish also provides a “port in a storm” for young single heterosexual males in Pakistan, in fact “The Begum” has openly boasted that he had received unprotected anal sex with no less than 20 servants one evening at a truck stop near “The Marina Club” in Karachi after which he then performed fellatio on each and every one of them.

On New Years Eve at the “The Black and White ball” in Lahore Begum Nawazish beat up his Blonde English socialite girlfriend in front of everybody in what must been a prolonged and violent assault as someone later commented that “ he is not the feminist he would have us all believe” as the same blonde woman was spotted at KHI with a bandaged hand and a severely bruised face.

If you have a view about violence against women you could express your opinion on the Gagan Grewal show which is a BBC Asia Network programme; Begum Nawazish contributes to the show every Tuesday at 19:00 hrs GMT, listeners can call in, email and post messages on the show’s website.

MSNBC singing from the same hymn-sheet as The New York Times and announcing the “scoop” of “The Begum’s” political ambitions, which is further proof, if any were needed, that she’s chronically on “the devil’s dandruff”.


Tariq said...

Violence against women shouldn't be tolerated anywhere in the world.The vanity of these television personalities is astonishing, how do they get away with their duplicit behaviour? Thanks to this site for exposing what we all saw on New Years Eve.Begum needs therapy,and re-hab,it seems.Perhaps this should be his first priority before running for public office!

The Gay Expat said...

Karmabanque Stacy and I are wondering where you've gone to. Hope all is well.

The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

Thanks for you concern! I’ve been having a lot of sex recently…
Max (of karmabanque) has suggested that men like me should grow up and cut off a bit of their penis as some kind of right of passage; making them more socially responsible which I have now done.
N.B Don’t use a wooden chopping board the blood is a bugger to clean off.

Anonymous said...

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