Monday, March 26, 2007

Zac Goldsmith, Karmabanque and The Coca-Cola Hedge Fund.

Zac Goldsmith has joined the Tory Toffs who say they can manage events by trusting some very nasty people.


Edited transcript:

Zac Goldsmith, editor of the Ecologist magazine, had some kind of problem with Monsanto involving an article written by Brian Tokar back in 1998, the first run of 14,000 copies were destroyed and after that some high street newsagents refused to sell them.

Zac is a partner of a bookmaking firm called Fitzdares in London, his associates are James Osborne MP and Taki Theodoracopulos, Taki did three months in Prison for trying to smuggle 23 grams of Cocaine into the UK. (How could Fitzdares get a license when a convicted drug smuggler is "involved"?)

The Washington Post wrote on December 25, 2004: “The anti-Coke campaign has been called by its founders (Karmabanque) a "smart boycott." Goldsmith said he believes he can push Coca-Cola shares to as low as $22.”
Goldsmith later said: "The hedge fund is not mine in any sense I didn't set it up. I haven't provided financial support, and I do not manage it. Any suggestion to the contrary is false."

Zac Goldsmith now works with a John Gummer MP who is on the Coca-cola environmental advisory board

David Cameron said: “Who better than Coca Cola, a firm with a better distribution network in sub-Saharan Africa than any aid agency, to get materials out to needy populations?”

Steve Hilton is the Conservative Party consultant and godfather to David Cameron’s first child, his business consultancy “Good Business” has clients such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

Zac Goldsmith: "Coke represents the cutting-edge of a global monoculture that is undermining real human diversity,"

Cameron said Ronald Reagan had had the right idea when he made the joke "If it moves, tax it. If it still moves, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidise it." (There were a lot of backroom deals going on in those days, lax enforcement and greatly reduced fines).

Zac Goldsmith the Conservative candidate for Richmond Park.

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