Saturday, May 26, 2007

Interlude: Next country to invade?

Fuck! The seppos are going to bomb Bogan!
Somebody tell these drongos it’s a map of planet Chomsky not a fucking smörgåsbord!

Norman Podwhoretz, the recipient of the "Guardian of Zion Award, wants Bush to bomb Iran!

Norman Podhoretz: The Case for Bombing Iran

On a more serious note, the Israeli entry “Push The Button” failed to make the Eurovision Song Contest Finals in Helsinki this year because of vote manipulation by the former Eastern block countries, and, a desire by dark forces within Eurovision to gag any political dissent regardless of the musical merits! The Israeli entry by Teapacks has an ingenious use of the Spanish Phrygian scale that modulates on three or more themes, uses two European languages and an urban argot based on Phoenician Aramaic incorporated in a surprising syncopated middle section; a cogent case if any were needed to abandon phone voting and restore the panels of library music experts better able to scrutinize the performances. Judge for yourselves!

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