Monday, July 30, 2007

The Reverend Fr. Dennis H. Holtschneider: upholding the DePaul tradition on free speech

Picture shows Thomas Klocek DePaul circa Fall 2004

Many people believe that The Reverend Fr. Dennis H. Holtschneider was unduly influenced in his decision to deny Norman Finkelstein’s tenure because of the damning dossier on Finkelstein sent to the Dean by Alan Dershowitz AKA “the Dersh”, “Fake”, “Plagiarist”, “the dude who keeps saying Ad Hominem”, “Morty the troll” co-author of the authoritative commentary of “From Time Immemorial” as told to a research fellow that’s not too hot at spelling or checking the sources.
The Reverend Father wrote that Norm, as with all staff, needed to: "strive to be objective in their professional judgment of colleagues."

straightchris was so moved by his conviction that he sent an email to Holtschneider of DePaul praising his believes:


Your Eminence,

Thank you for keeping up the tradition of suppressing academic freedom, your part in Norman Finkelstein’s tenure bid is outstanding!
We live in modern times and it is unfortunate that Norm didn’t suffer the same fate as Cayetano Ripoll…

Keep the up doctrine of faith!

Your servant,


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¡Suzanna demuestra la solidaridad para el Normando!


Anonymous said...

Bullshit artists like Norm clearly can't be polluting young impressionable minds with their lies.

The civilized world won't allow it.

straightchris said...

You don’t have to agree with Norman Finkelstein; it is “civilized” to prove him wrong with reasoned arguments.

The criticisms that Alan Dershowitz makes on his Huffington Post blog about Finkelstein look damning until you check what Norman actually said, about for example, David Irving:

Dershowitz: “Zundel's wife and fellow Neo-Nazi, Ingrid Rimland, referred to Finkelstein admiringly as the "Jewish David Irving"--a reference to the well known Holocaust denier and admirer of Hitler. Finkelstein himself admires Irving's ‘historical’ research.”

Finkelstein: “Personally, I don't like the fellow [David Irving]. I think he is a Nazi. However, I have to be fair. And I want you to listen. Fairness means: A) I'm not an authority on the topic on which he writes. Mostly on military history, [audience noise, talking] on the German side, during WW2. Number two, [audience noise, talking] historians who are authorities on him have given mixed ratings. Gordon Craig, one of the leading historians on Germany in the US who writes regularly for the New York Review of Books, Gordon Craig wrote, "his contributions are indispensable." I can't change that. I cannot say Gordon Craig is wrong. You know why I can't do it? Because I'm humble enough to say: I-Don't-Know.”

Dershowitz is deliberately lying about Finkelstein “admiring” Irving; this is not being “civilized”.