Friday, January 25, 2008

With friends like these…

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Bicyclemark pictured enjoying the hospitality of the “Coke house” Berlin Football World Cup 2006 (board lodging and free tickets to games!)


Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of Karmabanque have websites, blogs , podcasts and are Al Jazeera filmmakers, their premise is that “price proceeds news.”
They have long held the belief that the best way to stop unaccountable bankers and corporations from destroying the planet is for activists to agree on a targeted boycott; that boycott is Coca-Cola…

Choice cutz taken from: Yeastradio podshow (quote taken from 30:31 into the show):

Madge: (Referring to sub-prime, the death of the Dollar, global warming and other subjects covered by karmabanque) “Max was right on about this stuff, not that the rest of us weren’t…”

Bicyclemark: “I just wanna [sic] add one more thing to that? (High Rising Intonation) I love Max very much or at least like him a lot… they’ve done a lot for me, but, but, a lot of people including Max and Stacy on karmabanque,, they really enjoy being right… I think we’re missing something, even 9/11 conspiracy people with all their websites and their videos have the same problem they lay out a little, y’know, argument, which may or may not be right, in Max’s case a lot of it is turning out to be right…(And here’s the stinger)
But you’re not offering anything to stop it, your not offering much of anything, all you’re doing is being right and celebrating being right."

("Et tu Brute"?)

Madge: “and making lots of money being right.”

Stacy Herbert of karmabanque has told Biffin Bridge that Coca-Cola is still the boycott of choice.

…and here’s something that was prepared 2 years earlier.

Bicyclemark says the boycott of Coca-Cola is "old fashioned"

Bicyclemark Roasted on Karmabanque (the kamabanque link "Page Not Found") So you can...


If you like : )

Mindcaster's Ad hominem defence of corporate freebies: (one of bicyclemark’s pals who took the picture above at the weallspeakfootball junket sponsored by Coca-Cola at the Berlin world cup 2006) “straightchris you are like mosquito touchdowns, one point of interest, incredibly annoying but dismissible with one coordinated slap; a step further from this observation you’re a couch moralist spewing borrowed material on anyone you can find. It’s about time you deliver some comprehensive and original thought.”

Originally uploaded by bicyclemark.

Biffin Editorial:

Madge Weinstein is a pioneer of podcasting who has promoted karmabanque and featured karmabanque in her show in the past.
She has also promoted Democracy Now to her audience as well as the global boycott of Coca-Cola.

Bicyclemark is also a veteran of podcasting with many interesting shows to his credit; which makes the nuanced comments about karmabanque hard to understand.

For bicyclemark to suggest that Max and Stacy have “done nothing”, is mistaken, they have both asked him to promote the boycott of Coca-Cola, a boycott that they have been working on since at least 2004.
The Karmabanque aim is to monetise dissent by using a targeted boycott, the Internet being the tool for this kind of viral marketing.
All you’ve got to do is use the banner.

*Biffin Bridge has not asked permission to host the karmabanque Sunday Roast with bicyclemark audio and assumes that it is covered by the creative commons licence.

Boycott Coke and have a nice day.

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Andy said...

I could just hear Bicycle Mark singing "Oh me so prolapsed, Oh me so prolapsed." That stance makes me think he is singing. He's a cutie patootie. Too bad he's straighty. *cries*