Thursday, January 24, 2008

US Popularity Contest 2008: Thompson Flounders!

The betting public is let down by a blowhard that didn’t have the heart.

Sparky Collins, a trans gender Cuban reporter for kept a dignified silence when Fred Thompson’s odds were slashed from 10-1 to 8-1 after he made remarks about Cuban immigrants being terrorists.
Sadly fascist Freddy was unable to sustain his vigour after this initial show of good form, as he has now surrendered from the race.

Steward’s inquiry:
Fred promotes the theory that Mars and Jupiter are also planets in the solar system that are warming up and he will not be hectored into admitting that global warming is a result of human activity*.

Fred Thompson is a visiting fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank funded by… Exxon Mobil.

*Experts on global climate change were censored by the Bush administration whose ties with the interests of oil and energy are well documented .

The coefficient of power in majority voting is ((2n)!/(22nn!2)

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