Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trash Audio: Vanessa Feltz

What price is free speech in the UK when a concerned individual can castigate anyone on radio talk shows except when accusations are made against global corporations.


The following podcast will argue that the public should be prevented from asking impertinent questions, that are no business of theirs and it would be better for all if we put or faith in self-regulated corporate responsibility.

Vanessa Feltz of BBC radio London has a popular radio show where she sifts through articles in the gutter press, administers pastoral care and invites her adoring listeners to contribute by phoning in, reactionary, morally indignant callers are most welcome.

Ann Diamond was sitting in for Vanessa Feltz while she was away, what a pity Vanessa didn't stay away, I say ditch the bitch.

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What the lily-livered liberals say:

Grauniad: British libel laws violate human rights, says UN

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