Monday, September 08, 2008

Griff Jenkins: 愚か者

私はレポーターのGriff Jenkinsは愚か者だと思います。


Evidence, if any were needed, that Griff Jenkins of Fox news is a media whore!

Shareef Aleem was interviewed by the little grifter but Fox chose edit the conversation in preference to sensationalism, nice...

KGNU Independent Community Radio Afternoon Sound Alternative
4 September 2008
Rush Transcript

Shareef Aleem: "...Fox news man, this is a trip man, when they had the protest rally on the 24th of August in front of the state capital I was out there doing my media work, of course, and I was interviewing Ward Churchill and this Fox News reporter, really irritating bastard by the name of Griff Jenkins, you know, pushed his way though everybody pushed me to get to Ward Churchill to ask him a question, so, we lit Fox News up and if you want to check it out man go to YouTube and type in Fox Attacked the back story part 1 and you can see your boy Shariff Aleem doing it mean like a gangster lean beating the hell out of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Carl Rove and the rest of the Republican devils that's in office, heh-heh, no doubt, in honour of that man I'm going to play this cut that Naz did called Sly Fox this is off of his new CD.
... Fox News, I don't know if you've been following this Republican National convention man, but they're just cheer-leading and everything McCain and Palin does is right and they can do no wrong, and ain't that a trip? The Republicans are the first people to be telling Black folks get over it, your into your victimization, quit being a victim and when the White girl get up there; oh they're beating up on her because she's a woman and Barak Obama is so sexist!
GIVE ME A BREAK. O.K!? Fox News is the main one doing this cheer-leading... Joseph Goebbels will be smiling in his grave to know such a station exist."

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