Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soka Gakkai: Operation Damage limitation

Daisaku Ikeda Pictured with General Noriega

Daisaku Ikeda, president of Soka Gakkai International (SGI),  has 555 honorary citizenships and holds the most honorary doctorates awarded to a single individual!


Yoshihiro Tsurumi: "The Bush administration,regards democracy
in Japan as no different from that of Russia. Both are viewed as
'kleptocracies.' On the surface, the political leaders are elected; but
the truth is that they constitute a country completely dominated by the
ruling party, which is in cahoots with the bureaucrats. Through the
distortions generated by their years of holding onto control and the
election system, they work with pressure groups that support them for
their own benefits. It is as if the citizens were under domination of a
gang of robbers."

Takayoshi Kitagawa: "While I wouldn't say that Soka Gakkai is seen as a cult, they
are a very structured, organized, militarist group that wields
immense political power."

Takashi Shokei: Ikeda is "[a] power-hungry
individual who intends to take control of the government and make
Soka Gakkai the national religion."

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