Saturday, September 08, 2007

…and now a message from the Carlyle group.

Bin Laden Coke
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Osama bin Laden: “As a prelude, I say that the USA has the biggest economic power and has the most powerful and most modern military arsenal and spends on this war and its army more than the world spends on its armies.”

Is Osama trying to calm the US sub-prime market meltdown? He’s got the cash why should he care about suckers being over leveraged?

Not that I give a damn but somebody with his wealth and resources should be able to order an apple laptop with an iSight camera and get it delivered to the tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan: the picture and sound quality of his keynote speech stinks on ice! After all, he managed to get hold of an all-whistles-and-bells kidney dialysis machine…

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