Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Auntie lies best

The BBC it’s “all good” until it’s too late! Back in 2002 Max Keiser of Karmabanque was talking about the impending Sub-Prime crisis the BBC makes it the word of the year for 2007 although they didn’t cover sub-prime until very late in 2007…

The BBC is a publicly funded corporation paid for by everyone in the UK who owns a television or equipment that can receive television programs this costs £135.50 ($270 aprox) per household per year.

The BBC’s charter is to “inform educate and entertain.”
To achieve this aim this is how the BBC fills our day in the UK:

Jeremy Paxman: an over-paid belligerent hack who conducts pointless interviews with the political class; a waste of time and money.

Matt Frei: Anchor for BBC America who looks like a Fox news reporter and fuck me running sounds like Fox news reporter too! Small Frei says: “There is no doubt that the desire to bring good, to bring American values to the rest of the world and especially now in the Middle East is now increasing tied up with American military power,” nice! (source John Pilger: Freedom next time).
Executive producer Rome Hartman states that "With Matt in the lead, we mean to bring the world home to cover stories people won't find anywhere else on U.S.” I agree it won’t be a bit like Democracy Now, LinkTV or Al Jazeera.

Laurie Taylor: a Pot smoking Lothario and fucking bore who hosts the radio 4 show “Thinking Allowed”, his son, Matthew Taylor is the former head of policy studies for the Blair Labour project, Matthew talks bollocks on BBC current affairs programs with irritating regularity.

Melvyn Bragg: a smug Labour peer with a radio program called “In our time”, pleasantly diverting self-congratulatory intellectual onanism.

Vanessa Feltz: a media whore and talk show host who quotes extensively from The Daily “hate” Mail, a fascist paper in the UK. The Felch show is the worst of all on BBC radio London, a station that celebrates reactionary stereotypes as if it were a virtue 24/7.

Andrew Gilligan: an ex BBC Journalist who had to resign because he reported allegations that a dossier published by the British Government had deliberately suppressed intelligence reports about the military capabilities of Iraq.

Titbits from John Pilger’s “Freedom Next Time”:
“Impartiality is a principle that is suspended whenever the establishment is under threat.”
“2% of the BBC’s coverage of Iraq was given to anti-war dissent”

The Iraqi academic and activist Sami Ramadani’s view on the BBC

The bad News:
If you phone up TV licensing the chances are that you’ll be told that because the BBC streams programming over the Internet you are obligated to pay a licence fee.
If you cancel your TV licence you will be given notice that your “property is currently under investigation” in big red letters, ooh frightening!

The good news:
You can use the BBC iPlayer online and have a TV, TV card and digital receiver in your house, but, TV licensing will come ‘round to inspect your home and make sure that you are not using them for receiving or recording live TV broadcasts.

The bad News:
Will the rules change once there is the capability for live TV streaming through your Internet service provider?

…and finally:
The Sun, a tabloid newspaper with a long and bigoted history in the UK, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a cunt, has the scoop on the BBC planning to show adverts on selected television programmes.
What Sun readers think

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